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How To Store And Care For Vape Juice?

If you are a pro-vaper then you might be aware of pretty much everything including what is the best vaping device for you, how to care for it and repair it and best flavor of e-juice in the market. But, most of the professional players forget about one little thing that can ruin their vaping experience. It is taking care of e-juice liquids. It is economic as well as easier to stock up piles of vape juice in your home or having extra bottles in your bag which can be used for months but keeping them carelessly for this long time can degrade their quality.

Apart from buying good quality Vape Juice from popular websites like, you also need to store them with proper care and precautions to retain their superior quality. The points discussed below are highly recommended to be considered by professionals as well as beginner vapers.   

Protect juice from heat, light, and air

Light, heat, and air are the evils for your e-juice and can completely ruin the product. Since e-liquids are based on particular chemical composition, so if they are exposed to heat and light then it will not only affect the composition but the change will be inconvertible. The heat and light will make the molecules of liquid active and heated up which can result in different color, taste or even a ruined product.

However, the air is no less of a saboteur but it affects differently. When air and light will combine with your e-liquid, it will start the process of oxidation and obviously will change the chemical reaction in the juice bottle. It also affects the nicotine levels which can be up to an extent where there will be no nicotine left in it. The good part of the evil effects of air is that you can still vape the juice but you won’t be getting the same taste and experience as before. 

How to store the juice properly?

To protect them from heat, air, and light, you need to know how to store them. The way you store them is pretty much all about how you take care of your e-liquid stock and protect them from degrading factors. The first and the most important thing is to store the liquid away from high temperature and any source of light, so you should store them in a cool and dry, dark place.

No matter how good the product is, always store them in a glass bottle because even high-grade plastic can pass some air. So, it is better to buy small glass bottles with airtight caps for storing your juice. Also, bottles shouldn’t be too big because if bottles are left empty by even an inch then it will store the air in it which will react to the liquid later in the same way as explained above. You can also buy an e-liquid storage box for small glass bottles from any vaping online store as it is air-tight and maintains a cool temperature for the juice bottle in it. 


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