What We Do


We do not design websites, but fully functional presentations that will hook your visitors in while providing the information they need. We will design your online identity from scratch.


We have experts in mobile development, which includes a series of technologies. For example, we can design applications, but we will also create a mobile version for every project.

Full Design

We can design anything. We will write codes from scratch and create stunning graphics that will exceed your expectations. You name it and we will have it covered.

Programming Languages

Our professionals are specialized in pretty much any language you can think of – from open source platforms like MySQL or PHP to proprietary applications like Flash.


How We Do It

We do everything in a tight collaboration with the client. We will try to understand your vision before actually making it happen. If you have no idea what you want, we will help with some hints.

Assessing the client's needs and expectations.
Designing a few initial sketches for approval.
Completing the project while communicating with the client.
Making the final retouches upon request.

All Kinds of Technologies

No matter what kind of technology you are after, chances are we have at least a few experts on site who can complete your projects. Simply inquire about it and you will be surprised.

Some of our clients have no clue what they want. They have the final result in mind, but they do not know how to get there. There is nothing to worry about – we will recommend the right technologies.

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We are specialized in open source applications, including PHP, Linux or MySQL, among many others. We also have experts in proprietary applications like Flash or Photoshop.

Our services dictate the technologies we can rely on – mobile design, Intranet or Extranet, website design, infographics, Flash applications, W3C standards, SEO and consultancy.